Dec 15

Luxury Italian Cruises

Cruises are one of the most popular modes of traveling today. Luxury Italian cruises are a very good option for vacationers to enjoy holidays. A luxury Italian cruise has a lot to offer to vacationers, as Italy includes serene beauty and spectacular views. People can opt to see the main sites of Italy on a Mediterranean or European cruise. However, to really experience the true essence of Italy, vacationers need to immerse themselves in everything that Italy has to offer by taking a luxury Italian cruise. Vacationers or tourists can board luxury Italian cruises from a number of places, as these depart from several ports around the country. Luxury Italian cruise prices and all other related information can be obtained online or by calling travel agencies. provides detailed information on Luxury Cruises, Caribbean Luxury Cruises, Luxury Cruise Lines, South America Luxury Cruises and more.

Dec 15

Revitalize Your Taste Buds With an Italian Holiday Package!

Some people eat to live. Therefore, they can eat anything, which is edible that gives them the required energy to work and stay active. While, some people live to eat. Such people are more in number in comparison to the ones, which eat to live. They are diehard food lovers. Experimenting with different cuisines and trying new dishes is a common affair for them. Such love for food comes, when people have travelled or like to tour through several places in the world. They prefer eating at popular restaurants as well as the unusual ones. In fact, people often choose such holiday destinations that offer them much variety in terms of food and cuisine. Have you ever prepared an itinerary for your trip that includes more eateries than sightseeing spots? If you are one of those people, which are passionate about delicious food, then revitalize your taste buds with an Italian holiday package this holiday season.

Italy, a country located in Southern Europe, is one of the best holiday destinations in the continent. Visited by numerous tourists every year, Italy becomes a famous spot for sightseeing enthusiasts and food lovers. The Italian cuisine comprises of a wide range of dishes that can be best savored only in the country. Italy, a nation that serves a large variety of sumptuous pizzas, pastas, spaghettis, bruschettas, and more, is the only place to relish these dishes in their authentic flavors. You can eat these dishes in other parts of the world as well. However, what is better than savoring them at the place they originate from? Therefore, an Italian holiday package will help you binge on some wonderful authentic Italian food served at the renowned restaurants of this country.

Do not forget to add the names of some must try dishes in Italy, when you make your itinerary. You can start with the basic Lasagna, which is a traditional dish from Italy. A mixture of ground beef, chicken sausages, ricotta, and mozzarella as well as parmesan cheeses, lasagna is one of the amazing dishes that you can relish in this country. Order for a lasagna from the Italian holiday resort you are staying at, for your dinner with a bottle of white wine. With this you can make your dinner a grand affair. Slowly enjoying the dish, with every sip of sparkling wine, will surely make your day. You might also like to indulge into some luxurious breakfast when hunger strikes you in Italy. Try the chicken parmigiana, which is a like a sub sandwich that has a deep-fried filling breaded with lots of melted cheese. Now, did your mouth already start watering? The Penne alla vodka, which is pasta mixed with cream sauce, basil, and a dash of vodka, can easily tempt the pasta fans.

Enjoying these dishes along with many other, those become a part of the famous Italian cuisine might revitalize your taste buds. Therefore, a family vacation to Italy can be the best getaway for the food fans!

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Dec 15

Exploring Florence From the Water

In Tuscany, villas to rent offer you a unique opportunity to explore and do something that might not immediately seem possible – to see Florence by boat!

Floating tours of Florence

When you’re in Tuscany, villas to rent are available which will give you a superb opportunity to explore this enchanting region of Italy. You’ll have plenty of things to choose from in terms of sightseeing, but here’s an idea for one activity that may strike you as slightly unusual – a cruise around Florence!

Firenze on sea

Florence (Firenze in Italian) is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and one of the key locations in helping in the re-birth of European arts and sciences in the Middle Ages.

Yet beautiful as it is, a quick glance at a map will show you that it doesn’t have a coastline – the nearest port is Livorno some distance to the west. In fact, Florence fought wars in the past to try and conquer Pisa specifically to gain access to the sea.

So, how are cruises possible today?

Well, no prizes for guessing that the historic River Arno comes into it. Flowing through the centre of Florence, this was for centuries the source of some of the building materials used in the cities incomparable mediaeval architecture. It is possible to take a boat trip along the river and see this magnificent city from the water. Perhaps the highlight of the trip is passing under the world-famous Ponte Vecchio – the ancient shop-lined bridge that was the only one not blown up by the Nazis during the Second World War. The views from the river are superb, and particularly so in the evening when the cool breeze and glittering lights make for a magical combination.

Not a liner

In Tuscany, villas to rent may allow you the freedom and independence to get to Florence for these cruises, but perhaps a word by way of expectation management!

The Arno is beautiful and historically important but it isn’t exactly deep. What that means is that these ‘cruises’ are really trips in larger-sized shallow draught rowing boats. Each one is called a Barchetto manned by a Renaioli who propels it with a pole. These are traditional river vessels carrying perhaps between 6-12 people each. They have been lovingly restored and preserved (for some years the tradition of using small boats on the river fell into some decline) and the governing association ensures that only traditional skills and materials are used. This is a very authentic and atmospheric way to see Florence but don’t expect on-board facilities such as bars and conveniences!

So, in Tuscany, villas to rent may allow you to experience not only some beautiful countryside, historic cities and superb lifestyle but also this unique and ancient tradition of Florence. works for To Tuscany, who specialize in finding the perfect Tuscany villas to rent in Chianti as well as selected villas in Umbria and Puglia.